August is almost over and fall is right around the corner. In the south, fall means football. In Norman it means Sooner Saturday’s. The small college town almost doubles in population on game days. Crimson and cream aren’t just colors to OU fans. They are symbolic. They are tradition. They are football.

Before the season starts in 10 short days there are a few things you need to do before you head to the stadium or turn on the TV for some Sooner football.


Football Field


1. Dress in crimson and cream

On game days, if you are wearing anything but crimson and cream, you will most likely get some weird looks. Almost every major store in the OKC or Norman area has an OU section. Go there and buy as much as you can.

2. Invest in a tailgate tent

If you’ve ever been in Norman on game day, you know that the streets are lined with crimson pop up tents. Walmart and Home Depot are great places to look for one. The tents are a physical “dibs” for your spot on campus. They are put up the night before and filled with grills, TVs and chairs in the morning.

3. Stock up on throat lozenges

You may be thinking why lozenges? Trust me, after yelling at the top of your lungs for four hours, lozenges are going to come in handy. If the play was good, you yell. If the play was bad, you yell.

4. Purchase food

If you are planning on tailgating, food is a necessity. Burgers, hot dogs and chips are all things that should be bought in order to have a successful tailgate. Your friends and family will love you for providing them with a delicious meal before the game.

OU football has traditions that have been around longer than you have, so if you follow these suggestions you’ll be good to go on game day. Kick off for the Oklahoma Sooner’s first game is on Sept. 3, 2016 at 11 a.m.