It’s official! 2016 is a wrap and a new year is upon us. Last year was huge in the digital realm; Google rolled out a new algorithm, the popular social media platform Vine met its demise and “Pokémon Go” brought back the kid in us all. It is nearly impossible to guess what will happen in 2017, but that didn’t stop us from making a few predictions. Here is our top five list of audacious digital predictions of 2017:

  • A major gaming system will plant its flag in virtual reality — Nintendo broke the mold by putting two of its most popular brands, “Pokémon” and later “Mario World,” on smartphones. Before that, game console companies generally held back from putting their best content on phones. In 2017, PlayStation is scheduled to roll out a high dollar VR headset, but with Nintendo’s success of trying something bold, expect PlayStation or Xbox to stake their reputation in virtual reality. “Halo” on VR? Yes, please! As a bonus, expect VR arcades to really take off, like Upward VR located in Penn Square Mall.
  • Another social media platform will die — Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and all the other niche social media platforms, we’re at the tipping point of new social media. In fact, we might be heading in a completely new direction. Vine showed us that these platforms are not impervious to failing, and it wouldn’t be a total surprise to see Periscope or Foursquare/Swarm close their doors.
  • SEO will extend to social media — When you think of search engine optimization (SEO), Google or Bing come to mind. (Okay. Just Google). However, it’s pretty normal for people to use Facebook search just like Google. Unless you know the exact business name you’re looking for, it may be difficult to locate their exact business Facebook page. With SEO for social media, pages will be discovered based on keywords and location, not just their business name.
  • Apple will stop numbering their phones — This year will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Many people are predicting Apple will skip the iPhone 7s and go straight to the iPhone 8. But honestly, when do we stop counting our iPhones? iPhone 13? 25? This year, expect Apple to release the “New iPhone” or something related.
  • Twitter will launch a major campaign against cyber bullying — Twitter has been nibbling at this for a while and we think 2017 is finally the year social media starts fighting back against hate speech. Many will say this is a violation of free speech, but the only downside we see is Jimmy Kimmel having to discontinue “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.”

Those are our predictions for digital media in 2017. Do you think we nailed them or totally missed the mark? Leave your comments below and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.

Matt Farley
When Matt isn’t working or studying for class, he enjoys running, watching the OKC Thunder and playing with his dog Penny, a beautiful rescue pit-mix. Matt also enjoys traveling, keeping up with current events and, occasionally, he tells jokes.