It’s that time of year again. March Madness has officially tipped off and now millions of Americans are putting off their work to watch a bunch of college kids chase each other around. As is tradition, the NCAA is partnering with insubordinate employees across the nation to make sure no one is distracted from “the big dance” by anyone including pesky bosses. This includes rolling out the classic “Boss Button.” Just a quick click and you’re transported away from the big game and onto a mock PowerPoint presentation about conflict in the workplace.

Boss ButtonAnd for those looking to watch some basketball during the incredible waste of time that is a class lecture, you can switch to the classroom version and pretend to be taking notes. Because what says “college athletics” more than pretending to go to class while focusing on basketball? Great job, National College Athletics Association!

Anyway, congratulations to all the college athletes out there busting their hump so organizations like the NCAA can make billions of dollars.

Matt Farley
When Matt isn’t working or studying for class, he enjoys running, watching the OKC Thunder and playing with his dog Penny, a beautiful rescue pit-mix. Matt also enjoys traveling, keeping up with current events and, occasionally, he tells jokes.