Josh Bivens

Josh Bivens

Director of Photography


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production

Former Videographer at the Department of Public Safety/Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Freelance Video Specialist


Josh Bivens

Josh is an OKC native who came to Freestyle as an intern in March 2015. After completing his internship, graduating from Oklahoma City University, and exploring the wilderness of employment opportunities, he landed back at Freestyle as an official employee in May 2016.


Josh enjoys dabbling in anything and everything creative, including video, photography, music, games, and crafts. He is drawn to people who create things in their free time. He also loves exploring the outdoors, interacting with animals, and balancing an impossibly wide range of interests.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
River rafting in New Zealand was probably the most cinematic experience I’ve ever had in real life. It was a perfect mix of beautiful scenery, a challenging journey, and a splash of danger.

Do you have any pets?
I have a black, furry, bear-sized dog that occasionally takes me for walks. I can’t really call him my pet, though. Our first meeting was a vicious fight, nearly to the death. We both somehow managed to survive and have claimed each other as equals and kindred spirits ever since.

What is one thing that is currently on your bucket list?
I want to go into outer space and see our planet from a new point of view.